How to give your bedroom a touch of Mediterranean style

Mediterranean inspired bedroom

In this post I’m sharing how you can add a touch of mediterranean style to your bedroom. Adding some key elements, that I share in this post, will help you style your room in a way that feels airy and laid back just like the Med.

Real travel may await but for now this dreamy style can be enjoyed.

We recently swapped rooms with the girls, and now back in the master bedroom, we are waiting to do the more intense decor jobs. The floors need sanding, rugs bought, walls painted and so on.

I find it hard to wait and just sit in a room that feels like a landing zone and not a relaxing space, so I shopped my house to create a relaxed mediterranean style corner in my room, and I’m sharing how you can do it too.

Mediterranean inspired bedroom

How to get a Mediterranean style vibe

The following key elements make up that lovely sense of the Med.. warm air breezing through your hair, sitting outside with a cool drink in Sorrento, or maybe it could be Greece.

  • Arches and/or spheric shapes which are always associated with that laid back airy vibe.
  • Stone Accessories or Ceramics to give an earthy vibe.
  • Olive trees / branches or some similar greenery
  • Linen or laid back bedding
  • Any kind of wood, rattan, baskets or frames can add that rustic warmth.

Here’s how to style some of those items like in my photos above

I had this floor length mirror that I bought a few years ago, but you can use or style any kind of arch mirror or even a circular mirror to get the same affect. Place it on the wall on a console or fireplace, and add some olive branches to soften it up.

Use a hand made cement tray or dish or a ceramic lamp. A vase or lamp with patina add history and texture.

Linen is having a reformation at the moment, and whats not to love? The sheets get softer the more you wash them. Linen is part of the look, laid back, casual, imperfect, you don’t need to make your bed neatly for this look, it’s more casual and comfy.

I added a pop of pink with these faux flowers just to brighten up the room as it is Spring! and I went for a round vase to go with the theme. You can do the same or add real blooms which is even better, real plants bring LIFE into a room. I have been relaxing and enjoying this space so much better with these small styling changes, it’s so worth the effort, even if we have to wait to the do the bigger decor jobs later!

What do you think? Do you enjoy this style? Look around your home and see if you have any of these items in your home already waiting to be styled together..

Not sure what your home style is? Maybe you will enjoy reading this post on how to find your decor style..

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