How to create a simple and beautiful table scape

Take a little time to get creative and learn how to create a simple and beautiful table scape in your home.

Whether it’s for you and your’s or if you are having guests over, it will create a special moment and make everyone feel welcomed in the space.

Let’s face it when you go out to dinner sometimes it’s the atmosphere, the service and the decor that can win you over even if the food isn’t great!

How to set a simple and beautiful tablescape

How to create a simple and beautiful table scape

Heres my checklist for setting the table

Table cloth

You can make one by purchasing an off cut from a local interiors shop, it’s a great way to get stunning fabric at an affordable price. Depending on what fabric you choose, you may not even have to hem the edges.

Buy a little larger than your table and then cut out napkins with the same piece. If you buy something neutral it will suit many occasions, but go for what you enjoy most.

If all else fails and you don’t have a budget use a white flat sheet, and voila!

Flowers / Some Centre Piece

If you can buy some go for it, but just as beautiful and seasonal is picking some foliage or wildflowers for a paired down and simple look.

Candle sticks and candles

Having a few different types is a good idea, keep your eye out for reasonably priced ones so you have them when you need. Tiger have affordable candles in ALL the colours.

Article in the Powerscourt town centre in Dublin have gorgeous candlesticks and other accessories.

Also there is Ikea and Dunnes stores for simple candlesticks.

Place settings

You don’t have to add these but they do enhance the table. These are widely available in Heatons, Dunnes, Homesense etc

place mats spend some time and pick ones you will use again and again. Jute or bamboo are always a good fit as they are not a particular colour, also they wear well.


Tesco and many suppliers have cheap simple white crockery. It’s good to have a plain set so when you want to decorate your not fighting with patterns.

They are also easier to replace when you need. Avoca and Meadows and Byrne also do unique Irish and unusual pottery and crockery.


These are fun to make, and order! Linen or Cotton is a nice fabric to use, but check out Zara home and H&M home for really beautiful napkins seasonal and Christmas ones too.


I have a few extra sets of occasional cutlery in a jar at home. If I ever have friends over I can grab them quickly and don’t have to worry about washing the current ones.

Gold or brass cutlery can be found in Ikea and Next home and they cost around โ‚ฌ15 -โ‚ฌ20.

Spare cutlery are a great investment especially if you have a big family as you can never have enough when people come around.

How to create a simple and beautiful table scape

Other important things to consider when entertaining

Back round music, sets the tone. Not too loud not too quiet, not too sleepy but not too hyper, check out Alexa and Spotify for easy listening playlists, and you can’t go wrong.

Temperature of room

Not too hot or cold, just right and your guests will feel great!

Room Scent

Don’t expect everyone to love your favourite scented candle. I made this mistake once, but people are unique and when it comes to smells they can get super sensitive, so try something made with natural scents not artificially fragranced.

Burning it for about 20 minutes is recommended and then burn unfragranced candles when your guests are there.

How to create a simple and beautiful simple scape

I hope you enjoyed this post on how to create a simple and beautiful table scape. Now you can design your own special dining moment, enjoy the process and try different things, it’s so worth the effort and YOU deserve it.

Let me know if you have any questions and you can watch my youtube video here if you want to see my process. check out my last post on figuring out your home decor style here.

How to create a simple and beautiful table scape

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