How to find your home decor style

Finding it hard to get started?

Figuring out how to decorate your home can be overwhelming when you don’t really know or understand what your style is. In this post I hope to show you how to find your home decor style.

Maybe you’ve never even thought about having a home decor style? but you feel your home doesn’t quite all flow together? This could be why.

You can spend a lot of time and money on buying things you like, only to come home and realise nothing works together.

Look at some of the styles below to get familiar with some of what is out there ( there are so many, this is just a small selection)

Once you’ve had a look, grab a mug of tea and follow my simple tips below to figure out your unique style for your home.

Mediterranean Cottage Style
Modern Traditional / Classic
Old Cottage Style
Mediterranean Style
Country / Farmhouse Style
Coastal Style
Boho Style

Now let’s figure out your style

1 – Do some research to find out what styles are out there.

Once you start to see the names of styles, you’ll notice that people merge the names e.g “Coastal Farmhouse Cottage “. It can look confusing at first, but there are no rules, it’s simply a collection of preferred styles grouped together.

2 – Pinterest is not a social media, it is actually a visual search engine. It’s like google but all image based. Download the app on your phone, and type in interior decor styles. You will start to see many appear, click on each, or refine your search.

If you prefer to go old – school, start buying interior magazines and tearing our what you like, to compile a vision board.

3 – Once you’ve started the process, refine it down to 2- 3 styles max and then make pin boards for each room of your house. This will take some time so don’t rush, enjoy the process.

After you’ve given it some time and thought, look back over your pins and you will see a pattern has begun to emerge. You will see repeats of the same style and this will help you hone in on your favs.

Now look inward and around you

4 – Look at the style of your abode, see what it lends itself to naturally. This is not a fast rule because you can really create anything you want, but sometimes you can really complement the natural style of your house with your decor.

For example if you live in an old old stone cottage, theres a high change that will influence your style.

5 – Get to know yourself, what are you naturally drawn to? Has travel/nature inspired you, what colour palette makes you happy?

6 – Talk to your partner and discuss, It’s better to figure out the dislikes before you start to decorate.

Let me know if you found this helpful? and if you have any questions about anything I’ve written here.

You can also watch my youtube video here explaining my process.

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